Molly Suh from DHDL in the test: This is what the recycled scented candle smells like

Molly Suh from DHDL in the test: This is what the recycled scented candle smells like

Molly Suh is a recycled scented candle made by “The lion’s den” got known. It reveals how intensely it really smells star-Test.

Scented candles are as much a part of the Christmas season as gingerbread and mulled wine. The two founders also know this Maurice Jedlicka (32) and Amy Peters (27) with their scented candle Molly Suh in the “Lion’s Den” pitch. Why are you doing this? Because most candles have a problem: They consist of paraffin, palm or soy oils and are therefore a real burden on nature. The two founders want to make this better.

Your scented candle will Made from recycled vegetable fat and is therefore more sustainable than conventional scented candles. “Concious & Cozy Living” is what the manufacturer calls his concept. Why not, if it saves resources and still smells good. This is exactly what we need to find out in the test, why the scented candle from enchanted a living room with her scent for an afternoon.

Molly Suh from DHDL: First impression

When you first touch it, the candle is a little heavier than expected. No wonder, the manufacturer puts the burning time at 40 hours. This requires a good portion of recycled fat. In total, the candle weighs around 190 grams. The variety was chosen for the test “Sunkissed Cherry”. Taking a first nibble, the sun-kissed cherry appears reserved, floral and pleasant. Far away from the rather intrusive scented candles that cloud the olfactory organs of many Christmas market visitors.

The container in which the candle is located is also pleasantly reserved. All you can see is a Molly Suh logo and the type of candle. Otherwise, the container is covered in plain white. The surface feels slightly rough and high quality. Overall, the design of the candle is pleasantly simple and fits beautifully into the ambience of any cozy apartment. It also cuts a good, simple figure in the bathroom.

The scent experience

Enough of the contemplation and let’s get down to business: The candle burns in a room measuring around 25 square meters and the first impression is slightly sobering: Sitting about three meters away from the candle, you can hardly detect its scent. She takes a good 20 minutes before her scent can be clearly smelled.

This is by no means intrusive or annoying, no, it is a simple, pleasant, fragrant and somewhat sweet scent. When leaving and re-entering the room, the odor becomes even clearer. There is a subtle cherry scent in the air in the living room, which can lift your spirits in the cold season. And that’s exactly what a scented candle should offer.

It is impossible to judge whether Molly Suh will keep the promised burning time of 40 hours, as there was no way to burn it down in a controlled manner for that long. In the test, the candle burned for four hours and then looked like this:

The ingredients used depend in addition to the recycled vegetable fat, essential oils. That’s a good thing, because synthetic fragrances in particular carry the risk of being harmful to health. Especially if it is not clear where the candle was made and what exactly is in it. Things are different with Molly Suh because the candles are produced in Germany.

The price remains the same 14.99 euros as part of a high-quality scented candle. By the way: Molly Suh gets the vegetable fat from which the candle wax is made primarily from the catering industry. Don’t worry, it will be cleaned and smell neutral afterwards. So your apartment won’t smell like a chip shop.

Molly Suh from DHDL: Conclusion

In the star-The scented candle was convincing in the test. Its scent is pleasantly reserved and yet pleasantly floral and cherry. from DHDL is able to fulfill the promise of combining sustainability with comfort.

However, you will find out whether one of the lions bites tonight at 8:15 p.m. on Vox. After all, the two founders are demanding 75,000 euros for 15 percent of the company shares.

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