Boca will open the Bombonera for its members on “Fan’s Day”

Boca will open the Bombonera for its members on “Fan’s Day”
December 11, 2023 – 2:45 p.m.

This Tuesday a new “Boca Fan’s Day” is celebrated, which is why the club’s leadership will open the doors of its stadium to supporters.


The authorities of Mouth They are preparing a series of celebrations for what will be the “Xeneize Fan Day” and this Tuesday they will open the candy box for all partners.

This Tuesday the world of Boca will celebrate a new “Boca fan day”which is done every 12/12 in commemoration of “Player No. 12”, the ‘Xeneize’ fans.

For this reason, the club made the decision to open the Alberto J. Armando stadium so that all its members can come and celebrate on the field.


The authorities of Mouth They determined that both active and adherents will be able to attend the stadium on Tuesday and the doors will open at 5:00 p.m. Entry will be without prior reservation and you only need to present your card and ID to gain access.

As for the locations, the upper and middle stalls and popular seats will be available for fans to enjoy a new celebration. The club announced it by email to members and more news is expected regarding what will happen at the celebration.

Source: Ambito

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