Bushido is against the AfD ban – but doesn’t want any AfD voters in his area

Bushido is against the AfD ban – but doesn’t want any AfD voters in his area

It won’t be long before Bushido starts its new tour. Before doing so, he takes the opportunity to position himself in the current developments surrounding the AfD. In an interview, he assumes that the members have an “absolute backwoods mentality.”

Rapper Bushido doesn’t want AfD voters in his area, but is against banning the party. “I have to accept it, it’s part of democracy, you can vote what you want. You have to deal with that in Germany too,” said the musician in an interview with the “Berliner Zeitung” (Saturday/Sunday).

You shouldn’t try to have a party banned “just because you don’t like it.” Rather, politicians should try to make their own policies so attractive that such parties would not receive approval in the first place.

AfD: Party with a “hillbilly mentality,” says Bushido

At the same time, the 45-year-old emphasized: “I don’t want people in my environment who are prepared to vote for the AfD.” For him, the AfD is an “absolute backwater mentality, with anti-human attitudes.” “On the music level, I’m maybe a bit rowdy,” said Bushido, real name Anis Mohamed Ferchichi. “But as a person I am absolutely open, tolerant and friendly.”

Bushido will be back on stage in a few weeks for the first time in eight years. On March 21st he will play the first concert of his “King Forever” tour in Berlin.

Source: Stern

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