Cora Schumacher and Oliver Pocher?: Fans discuss their jungle statements

Cora Schumacher and Oliver Pocher?: Fans discuss their jungle statements

Cora Schumacher caused a bang in the opening episode of the jungle camp – and divided the audience’s opinion.

This celebrity combination is currently causing a lot of excitement: one day before the start of the jungle camp, “Bild” reported on an alleged flirtation between Oliver Pocher (45) and Cora Schumacher (47). And in the first episode, racing driver Ralf Schumacher’s (48) ex confirmed late on Friday evening that she had had something with the comedian and even had a “crush” on him. But many of the 4.71 million viewers don’t buy her love confession. After the jungle opener, there was a lot of discussion on social networks about whether the celebrity couple had really gotten closer – or whether it was just a clever PR move.

“Olli tops Iris… who would have ever thought that”

Because one thing is certain: the story will give both of them a lot of attention. Some people even feel reminded of the previous jungle camp, where an alleged affair was also brought to the fore. Did Peter Klein (56) cheat on his wife Iris Klein (56) with Yvonne Woelke (42)? This question occupied the TV world all year long – and none of the three even sat around the campfire. The fact that non-camper Oliver Pocher is also making jungle headlines after his separation from Amira (31) amuses some fans. “Olli tops Iris… who would have ever thought that,” reads a comment on Pocher’s Instagram page.

Opinions vary widely as to whether there is anything to the alleged affair or not. “I believe Cora was telling the truth,” wrote one viewer. In the opening episode, the blonde unpacked intimate details: “The last time I had sex… That was before I had Corona. I contracted Corona from that person.” At first she didn’t let any name out of the bag when talking to her fellow campers, but revealed that he was famous and “slightly younger” than her. She then became specific on the jungle phone: “I’ve known Oliver Pocher for 20 years. He just asked if he could come over.” She gladly opened the door for him.

Even before she moved into the jungle camp, Cora Schumacher said with a grin in an RTL interview: “I’m no longer on Onlyfans, but on Ollifans.” Oliver Pocher reacted to the first rumors with the humorous note: “Mistake! I have a secret affair with RALF Schumacher.”

Is it all just PR?

However, many viewers don’t buy Cora Schumacher’s confession. “It’s definitely just PR,” fans say, or: “The way she just said that was a bit unbelievable.” Many people find it particularly suspicious that she brings up the topic in the first episode. “She’s extremely attention-seeking.” Influencer and “Between Tulle and Tears” star Cita Maaß also posted in her Instagram story that the topic was “completely PR”: “So if someone believes that, they can’t be helped anymore,” she added with a laughing smiley added.

Djamila Rowe (56), last year’s jungle queen, however, asserted in “The Hour After” that Cora Schumacher was telling the truth. The two women talk regularly on the phone, so she is in the know. However, she criticizes the fact that her friend talked about the topic right at the beginning: “That’s too early. That’s something you can tell in the second week. I think it just came out because it’s a long-held secret “It’s something that’s been brewing for a long time. I know she’s really struggled to talk about it.”

Whether truth or PR: The fact is that Oliver Pocher and Cora Schumacher have known each other for a long time and get along well. They don’t live far away either – she in Düsseldorf, he in Cologne. In Zülpich they appeared together at the opening of a store on November 9, 2023.

It remains to be seen whether the 47-year-old will reveal any further details. RTL shows the second episode today from 8:15 p.m.

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