Rihanna: Big compliment for Natalie Portman

Rihanna: Big compliment for Natalie Portman

Rihanna seems to be a big fan of Natalie Portman. At least that’s the impression you get from this video from Paris…

Fashion Week in Paris is once again attracting numerous celebrities to the French capital. Music star Rihanna (35) and Oscar winner Natalie Portman (42) also traveled. The two women were not only happy about the fashionable creations, but also about meeting them on site.

On Monday (January 22), Rihanna and Portman apparently ran into each other on the way to the Haute Couture Dior show. you can see how much the singer and the actress appreciate each other. Natalie Portman hugs her celebrity colleague: “I love you,” while Rihanna replies: “I’m a real fan.” The musician also said: “You are one of the hottest ‘bitches’ to ever exist in Hollywood.” Portman then revealed she “listens to” Rihanna’s music all the time: “You’re just such a queen and I thank you.” Rihanna then asked for a photo together so that she could remember this special moment in the future.

Black outfits for fashion week

The two stars came to Fashion Week in dark outfits. Natalie Portman presented a long blazer, revealing a short skirt and vest underneath. Rihanna wore a figure-hugging, calf-length skirt with a matching jacket, gloves and hat. She paired it with white stilettos.

in the front row of the show next to Dior managing director Delphine Arnault (48). They were joined by many other famous faces such as Glenn Close (76), Juliette Binoche (59) and Kelly Rutherford (55).

Rihanna became a mother for the second time just five months ago. With A$AP Rocky (35) she had another boy named Riot Rose. Rihanna and the rapper have been a couple since 2020. Their first son RZA was born in 2022.

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