RTL reality show: Kim Virginia causes trouble and hunger in the jungle camp

RTL reality show: Kim Virginia causes trouble and hunger in the jungle camp

It won’t be boring in the jungle on day six either: reality star Kim Virginia gets dirty and dishes it out. There will probably no longer be a love comeback between her and Mike Heiter.

With a seemingly staged argument with her ex, an aborted jungle test and a gross violation of the rules, reality star Kim Virginia (28) attracted the anger of her fellow RTL campers. In Wednesday’s episode of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” the 28-year-old initially teased Mike Heiter (31) at the nighttime fire station. The two flirted last year in the trash format “Are You The One – Reality Stars in Love”.

The flirtation apparently ended unhappily. Heiter’s conclusion after an emotional discussion: “You are the worst person.” The “Good Times, Bad Times” actor Felix von Jascheroff (41) was annoyed and criticized the on-camera squabble as “Kim’s showtime.”

The disappointed ex then went on to the jungle test. Together with “Germany’s Next Top Model” candidate Anya Elsner (20), she had to answer questions in a rotating cage. They were gradually joined by tens of thousands of cockroaches, mealworms and green ants.

In the ninth of eleven quiz rounds, the continually screaming Virginia dropped out: zero stars. For the second time in a row, the C-celebrities in the camp had to do without an extra dinner. “It sucks,” von Jascheroff commented again, annoyed.

Mike Heiter: Kim Virginia is obsessed with me

Virginia, who is experienced in reality TV, didn’t let up as the episode progressed. When her ex was talking innocuously about cooking with fellow camper Leyla Lahouar (27), the 28-year-old intervened: “Is that still your scam?” Heiter analyzed: “I think she’s obsessed with me. That’s no longer healthy.”

Last but not least, it was revealed that the “Bachelor” candidate had smuggled an eyelash brush into the camp. This and numerous other violations of the rules meant that the eleven candidates had to go without cigarettes from now on. “It won’t be long before there’ll be a bang here,” said a still annoyed von Jascheroff.

However, the “GZSZ” star and Virginia cannot avoid each other. The two have to take part in the next food test together with influencer Twenty4Tim (23).

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