Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker arrested three times in five days

Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker arrested three times in five days

An alleged stalker Taylor Swift He was arrested for the third time in five days outside his New York home.

David Crowe33, was first arrested outside the singer’s Tribeca home on Jan. 20 after he allegedly attempted to enter the residence.

On Monday (Jan. 22), he was arrested again and charged with harassment and stalking after attempting to enter the home once again.

Yesterday (January 24), Crowe was arrested for the third time, just after facing a judge about his previous arrest for the first attempted robbery.

Police told NBC New York that Crowe was released from court around noon Wednesday and arrested again shortly after 1:30 p.m.

The complaint said he was asked not to go near the building 10 times and was seen there 30 times in the last two months.

Deputy Prosecutor Harriet Jiranek said: “[Su] “Continued conduct in appearing at this location despite numerous directives to leave shows a clear risk that the defendant will not comply with court orders to return to court.”

Taylor Swift and stalkers

Swift has previously faced numerous problems with alleged stalkers at her New York residence, as well as at homes she owns in California and Rhode Island.

Last winter, an Indiana man was arrested and accused of stalking and harassing Swift after he made numerous attempts to contact the star at her home and through social media.

In 2022, a man faced charges of breaking and entering and stalking after allegedly entering two New York homes linked to Swift.

A stalker also broke into Swift’s New York home in 2018 and was found napping on the property. He was subsequently sentenced to six months in prison.

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