Music: Helene Fischer would like to sing with Metallica

Music: Helene Fischer would like to sing with Metallica

Helene Fischer has already sung with numerous stars. But there are still a few illustrious names on her to-do list.

Singer Helene Fischer would like to be on stage with the US metal band Metallica. A duet with pop star Taylor Swift (34) would also be an option for the 39-year-old. “Taylor Swift would be great, of course Beyoncé too – but both will probably remain a pipe dream,” she told the German Press Agency.

She also dreamed of a duet with Céline Dion for many years. “Today I would love to sing with Bon Jovi, Metallica or Ed Sheeran.”

The singer went on a stadium tour last year with her current album “Rausch”. Their live album “Rausch Live – The Arena Tour” was released on Friday. The Erste will also broadcast a concert film about the tour on Saturday (January 27th, 8:15 p.m.). Emmy Award winner Paul Dugdale (“An Evening with Adele”) directed the film.

The singer is also known for her diverse program on stage. She always prepares meticulously and very intensively – whether it’s a performance, challenging acrobatics or choreography, said Fischer. “Otherwise I try to keep generally fit, alternating between cardio training, yoga and strength training.”

Source: Stern

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