“Sensitive biometric data”: Data protection advocates criticize plan to scan migrants

“Sensitive biometric data”: Data protection advocates criticize plan to scan migrants
The basic rights to privacy and data protection must also be safeguarded for migrants – according to data protection officers

There is “no evidence” that the proposed measures are actually justified, said the independent European Data Protection Supervisor Wojciech Wiewiorowski on Friday.

He considers the lack of an impact assessment “worrying, given the personal data involved – sensitive biometric data – and that vulnerable people – migrants – could potentially be affected.” No precedent should be set for the future with comparable effects on fundamental rights to privacy and data protection.

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Agreed on draft laws

The EU member states and the European Parliament agreed in December on a package of draft laws that include data collection from irregular migrants and asylum seekers. Among other things, it also provides for faster screening of people arriving irregularly and faster deportations.

It is expected that the reform will be passed before June and thus before the European elections, which will decide on the new composition of the European Parliament. Human rights organizations criticized the plans.

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The European Data Protection Supervisor ensures that the EU institutions comply with data protection laws. He only makes recommendations. As an advisory authority, it has no direct authority to bring about changes in the law.

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