Fellini’s muse Sandra Milo: Mourning for the Italian actress

Fellini’s muse Sandra Milo: Mourning for the Italian actress

She became an audience favorite in Italy, and not just in films by Federico Fellini. Sandra Milo died at the age of 90.

Sandra Milo is dead. The Italian actress died in Rome at the age of 90. This was announced by their relatives. As she had wished, she spent her last hours in her home surrounded by her family.

Sandra Milo was born in Tunis on March 11, 1933 under the name Salvatrice Elena Greco. She is the cousin of the French-Italian superstar Yves Montand (1921-1991).

From Rossellini to Fellini

In addition to her studies in Milan, Sandra Milo worked as a photo and nude model. In 1955 she was discovered for film and made her debut in the comedy “The Bachelor”. At first she was signed to roles in lighter films, but also acted under the direction of Roberto Rossellini (1906-1977), one of the leading directors of neorealism.

At the beginning of the 1960s, Sandra Milo wanted to withdraw from the business when Federico Fellini (1920-1993) signed her for “Eight and a Half” in 1963. She played the partner of a filmmaker, played by Marcello Mastroianni (1924-1996), who is going through a creative crisis.

Milo also appeared in front of the camera for “Julia and the Ghosts” (1965) for the Italian cult director, who considered her his muse. She received the Nastro D’Argento for best supporting actress for the two Fellini films. She was also nominated twice for the Italian Critics’ Prize for Best Actress.

Second career as a TV personality

In 1968 Sandra Milo married a Roman surgeon – it was her second marriage. By 1979 she turned her back on acting. In 1984 she played in “Cinderella ’80”, which became a cult phenomenon in Germany in 1987 as a TV series. Sandra Milo was active as an actress until recently. Her last film is from 2021.

At the same time, the mother of three children had built a second career as a TV personality. Since the 1960s she has repeatedly presented shows on Italian television. In recent years she has increasingly appeared as a participant in reality shows. In 2022 she appeared as a judge on the Italian edition of “Drag Race”.

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