They present the programming of the Buenos Aires Theater Complex

They present the programming of the Buenos Aires Theater Complex
February 1, 2024 – 14:05

With the reruns of “Cyrano” with Gabriel Goity, “Long day trip into the night”with Arturo Puig and German Jungle, “Measure for Measure” of Gabriel Chame Buendíaamong others, the CTBA city theaters reopen with several revivals until the new programming is launched in March, led by creators such as Lola Arias, Alejandro Tantanian, Mariano Tenconi Blanco and Helena Tritekamong others.

At the San Martín Theater they launch “The great illusion”of Eduardo de Filippowith address of Luis Pasqual; the new of Alejandro Tantanian who will direct “The troubled reign and regrettable death of Edward IIKing of England, and the Tragic Fall of the Proud Mortimer, by Christopher Marlowe, which takes place in those years of the reign of Edward II; “Posthumous class”of Alejandro Robino, after the death of the theatrical master Carlos Gené.

It will also debut “Passion”, by Los Pipis Teatro, who close their trilogy that began with “The Alaska Mechanism” and followed by “The conquest of Alaska”with Florencia Otero; and the new arrives Mariano Tenconi Blanco after “The captives”. Is about “The Ghost Woman”by the T Company of Barcelona, ​​who present a comedy about morality, fiction, childhood and history, which takes place in the late 70s.

In President Alvear you will see “Pack of wolves”about “Mrs. Inger of Ostrot”by Ibsen, adapted by Helena Tritek, with art direction by Eugenio Zanetti and the new work by Lola Arias debuts, ““Prison rock”, the second part that began with the film Reas premiered at the Berlinale; Arrive too “When Frank met Carlitos”which tells of the probable meeting between Frank Sinatra and Gardel.

It premieres in the Regio “The learned”of Juan José Saer with address of Irina Alonso will arrive at Sarmiento “James Brown used rollers”of Jasmina Rezawith address of Alfredo Arias and performance of Juanita Viale. The Spanish company returns to the country “The Zaranda” with “Manual to build a dream.”

The contemporary ballet of San Martín presents “Folia” and also a piece created by Teresa Dugan and Nicolás Berrueta based on “The Gestures of Salt.”

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