Jamie Lee Curtis: Actress celebrates long-term abstinence

Jamie Lee Curtis: Actress celebrates long-term abstinence

Jamie Lee Curtis has been clean for 25 years. The actress celebrated this abstinence milestone with an emotional Instagram post.

Jamie Lee Curtis (65) celebrated a special event: “25 years clean and sober. One day at a time. 9,125 of them,” the actress wrote alongside a black and white picture in which she wore a ring with the inscription “JLC Twenty Five” into the camera. She felt a feeling of calm, serenity and purpose “and the great feeling that I am not alone,” the actress explained. “That many others have the same illness and the same solution. For everyone who struggles with addiction and shame, there are others out here who care. My hand in yours. Our hands in yours.”

The photo quickly received many appreciative comments for the actress. Colleague Michelle Pfeiffer (65) left a series of emojis with cheering hands stretched upwards. Mary Steenburgen (70) wrote under the photo: “You are inspiring in many ways, Jamie. Thank you for sharing your well-deserved 25 chip with us.” Maria Shriver (68) commented briefly: “Bravo.”

Open words about addiction

Last year, the daughter of screen legend Tony Curtis (1925-2010) spoke about her long-standing opiate addiction in an interview on the TV show “Morning Joe”. Until 1999, Curtis’ addiction to opiates dominated her life. She was prescribed it for the first time in 1989. “I was ahead of the opium epidemic,” the actress noted, referring to the devastating opioid crisis in the United States. She considers herself lucky that she didn’t make “horrible decisions” while under the influence of drugs.

In 2018, she stated, “I’m breaking the cycle that has essentially destroyed the lives of generations of my family. Getting sober remains my greatest accomplishment, greater than my husband, than my two children, and than any work, any success.” Curtis’ half-brother Nicholas Curtis (1970-1994) died in 1994 as a result of a heroin overdose. Her father, Tony Curtis, also struggled with drug addiction for many years of his life.

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