Cabify and app driver companies complain to the MEF for disadvantages in competing

Cabify and app driver companies complain to the MEF for disadvantages in competing
February 3, 2024 – 18:12

Drivers demand greater benefits when purchasing vehicles, as is the case with taxis, remises and vans.

The company Cabifyand app-based transportation associations presented to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) a request for the right to leasing, considering that they are at a “disadvantage when it comes to competition” with taxis, remises and vans.

The app drivers asked the Executive greater benefits to be able to buy cars, since the platforms require that the age of the cars be no more than 6 years, a period that extends to 10 years in the case of electric vehicles.

That was the request they made. Cabify, the Association of Uruguayan Application Drivers (ACUA), United Group and the Union of Application Workers Drivers of Uruguay (Uctradu). Now him MEF It has 180 days to be issued.

The president of ACUA, Gerardo Sastre, He maintained that there are 1,856 drivers authorized for the activity and warned in dialogue with MVD Noticias that “after the pandemic There were 2,000 of us, but colleagues continue to fall due to this situation.”

App drivers question “disadvantage” with taxis and remises

Sastre spoke of “a disadvantage when it comes to competition” for application transportation drivers, indicating that other services such as taxis, remises, school and tourist vans, “They have the ease of purchasing vehicles through leasing.”

The driver assured that, if the measure is approved, “it is something that practically does not move the needle in terms of taxes on the stability of the economy,” pointing out that it would only give them benefits in taxes such as VAT and Imesi.

Regarding the MEF’s deadline of up to 180 days, he expressed hope that the times will be shorter. “We hope that the response is quick, since there was a previous study of María Pía Biestro (director of Tax Advisory of the MEF) who did not find any anomaly.”

In turn, Sastre asked for “a positive signal” from the Municipality of Montevideo, considering that “it is the regulatory entity that could give us support”, being one of the departments where the activity operates.

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