King Charles III: His Life in Pictures

King Charles III: His Life in Pictures

Charles III with the magnificent Imperial State Crown on his head: The sight was still somewhat unusual when the British monarch opened Parliament in London for the first time with a “King’s Speech”. Although he celebrated his 75th birthday on November 14, 2023, he is still a newcomer to the throne. When his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrated her 75th birthday in 2001, she had already been queen for almost half a century.

Watch the video: King Charles III. celebrates 75th birthday – including a majestic cake.

Charles has been king since the monarch’s death on September 8, 2022. He was officially crowned on May 6, 2023 in Westminster Abbey. But his preparation for the throne began much earlier. It was clear from the moment he was born that Charles would most likely one day be King of England. The 75-year-old looks back on a turbulent life.

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