Pietro Lombardi’s fiancée Laura Maria Rypa: Expectant mother is withdrawing

Pietro Lombardi’s fiancée Laura Maria Rypa: Expectant mother is withdrawing

Laura Maria Rypa has to take some time off after a hospital visit. She gives the all-clear for the baby.

Singer Pietro Lombardi (31) and his fiancée Laura Maria Rypa (28) are looking forward to their second child together. But the expectant mother is currently suffering from health problems. The influencer reports this to her around 849,000 followers.

Laura Maria Rypa: “Get in touch these days”

“I was just in the hospital to check whether everything was okay with the baby. Everything is okay,” the mother of little Leano (1) announces and adds: “But I’m not feeling well at all. ” Last night she kept vomiting every half hour and had extreme abdominal and stomach pain. That’s why she’ll be resting in the next few days and posting less, explains Laura Maria Rypa, who immediately goes to bed with a blanket in the clip. She writes to her followers about her video with a heart emoji: “I’ll get back to you in a few days.”

At the end of January, Laura Maria Rypa explained in a question and answer session on her Instagram story that her pregnancy was “much more pleasant compared to my first”. But she can only really judge this “with time”. In any case, she was “never really able to enjoy” her pregnancy with Leano. She looked back on the numerous difficulties that burdened her: “I had nausea and vomiting, kidney congestion, cervical shortening and so on from start to finish.”

She also revealed that she was afraid of complications again. “I think I have a lot of thoughts about it, but in the end it happens as it happens and there’s nothing I can do about it, so I have to think positively.” Leano was born six weeks early at the beginning of January 2023.

This is the third offspring for “DSDS” juror Pietro Lombardi. He has son Alessio (8) with his ex-wife Sarah Engels (31).

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