Jungle King Lucy Diakovska: Hard setback on her return home

Jungle King Lucy Diakovska: Hard setback on her return home

Jungle queen Lucy Diakovska is in mourning: two of the singer’s four-legged friends died during her absence.

Jungle queen Lucy Diakovska (47) is after her victory in the 17th season of the RTL show “I’m a star – get me out of here!” back in her home country of Bulgaria. There the No Angels singer awaits the sad certainty: her dog Rochili also had to be put down during Lucy’s absence. Shortly before she moved into the RTL jungle camp, Lucy had to cope with the death of her pit bull Alec. Like , both dogs “simply had their organs fail.”

“I was not there”

In an interview with the broadcaster, the newly crowned jungle queen appears emotional: “I wasn’t there,” explains Lucy, close to tears. The singer didn’t make it in time for the funeral of her beloved four-legged friend, whom she had rescued from poor conditions. Pit bull Alec came to the No Angels singer a year and a half ago and “was around 14 years old.” He was “really skinny” before he came to live with the 47-year-old and her aunt. The singer received the news about her dog Rochili’s poor health shortly after her victory on the RTL show. Both dogs died of old age, a “very, very difficult time” for Lucy. The singer had to say goodbye to one of her four-legged friends in December 2022.

There are currently three dogs living with the No Angels singer and her aunt – and it will stay that way for the time being: her aunt “not only asked the singer, but simply said: You won’t take in any more dogs for now!”. Lucy continues: “I often took in older dogs because almost no one takes older dogs.”

Emotional finale for jungle queen Lucy

The RTL jungle camp had already started emotionally for Lucy in advance. Because “this time the finale is on the anniversary of my mother’s death. Maybe the universe had something in mind,” the Bulgarian native explained at the beginning of the show. On the final day (February 4th), the singer finally prevailed against her camp roommates Tewnty4Tim (23) and Leyla Lahouar (27).

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