This is everything you need to know to invoice in AFIP

This is everything you need to know to invoice in AFIP
February 21, 2024 – 05:00

The objective of the Federal Public Revenue Administration is for small taxpayers to be able to issue invoices in a simplified manner. I know all the details.


The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) has a billing system in force so that monotributistas of the categories TO, b, c and adhered to social monotax issue their invoices. According to the official site of the AFIPmonotributistas of all categories “must issue electronic invoices for operations with final consumers”, that is, for any service provided or product sold.

He biller allows monotributistas in the categories A, B, C and those attached to social monotax can issue invoices for the sales they make to final consumers in a more agile and dynamic way, with only 2 pieces of information: amount and DNI or CUIT of the recipient.


The service is available in afip.gob.ar/facturadorand allows you to save and consult the history of issued receiptsas well as sharing them by instant messaging and email and will allow receipts to be issued on behalf of third parties.

Monotributistas: how to make an invoice?

In order to issue an electronic invoice, the monotributista must first:

  • Register a point of sale from the “Single Tax Registry” and select the billing system.
  • From that moment on, you will be able to bill from “Online Receipts” or from the app “Mobile Biller”. Most will be able to issue invoices “C”taking out the case of exporters who make standard invoices “AND”.


How to make an AFIP invoice, step by step

  • Enter option “Additional Voucher Data” within the items displayed in the main menu to enter the taxpayers associated with the CUIT. There you must complete the required information and press “Keep”.
  • Select option “Generate Receipts” within the items displayed in the main menu.
  • Within “Points of sale to use” and “Type of Voucher”, display the options and select the corresponding one. Then press “Continue”.
  • Complete the corresponding data in EMISSION DATA and press “Continue”.
  • Next, Complete the details of the invoice recipient.
  • Complete the operation data and then click on the option “Continue”.
  • The summary of the data will then be displayed. If everything is fine, select the option “Confirm data.”

How to generate my CUIT?

Issuer details

  • From the CONFIGURATION option in the side menu, you can modify the receipt template data or include a fantasy name. To add a fantasy name, access from the service with tax code “Point of Sales and Home Administrator“.
  • When you have finished, press CONFIRM to save the changes.
  • Before generating the first receipt, you must select the point of sale from which you will operate.
  • If you do not have points of sale previously created, it will be necessary to indicate whether the activity will be carried out at a fixed address or not. Then press CONTINUE. If you have a point of sale already created, the system will use it for the biller. Verify that the data is correct and press CONTINUE. If the taxpayer has more than one point of sale, they must select which one to associate with the biller.


Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP).

Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP).

How to consult receipts issued in the new system for monotributistas?

From the PROOF button in the side menu, all issued receipts can be viewed. Select the receipt you are looking for to see the data in greater detail, download it again or cancel it.

The application allows the viewing and downloading of all issued receipts no matter what device it was made from.

AFIP: What happens if I don’t invoice as a monotributista?

If a monotributist does not invoice its commercial activities, as indicated in the taxpayer’s obligations, the AFIP can unilaterally proceed to exclusion from the monotax regime. Furthermore, by not billing, you run the risk of being disqualified from functioning as monotributist but an economic penalty is also incurred.

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