“Stranger Things” star: Millie Bobby Brown releases first novel

“Stranger Things” star: Millie Bobby Brown releases first novel

Millie Bobby Brown is a model, actress, Unicef ​​ambassador – and now also an author. “Nineteen Steps” is based on her grandmother’s experiences in World War II in London.

British actress Millie Bobby Brown (20), known from the hit series “Stranger Things,” has published her first novel. In “Nineteen Steps” the actress tells a story based on her grandmother’s experiences. The novel, which was published in the original English in September, is now also available in German translation, published by Blanvalet Verlag.

The novel is set in London during the Second World War and tells the story of 18-year-old Nellie. She works in the mayor’s office and falls in love with an American. The lives of her and her family are, above all, strongly influenced by the bombing raids of National Socialist Germany, from which they have to seek protection in a bunker on many nights. One evening – on March 3, 1943 – a terrible accident happened in this bunker in which 173 people died, the so-called “Bethnal Green disaster”. Nellie’s family is also involved in the accident – and also in its investigation.

“Inspired by the experiences of my grandmother Ruth, this novel is incredibly personal to me and is therefore very close to my heart,” Brown is quoted as saying by the publisher. “I grew up with Ruth’s World War II-era stories, and I’m honored to be able to keep her story alive through this book.”

So far, Brown, who has been engaged to Jake Bongiovi, the son of US musician Jon Bon Jovi, since last year, has worked primarily as an actress and model, and she is also a special ambassador for the UN children’s fund Unicef. For her debut novel she worked with the author Kathleen McGurl. The result is not sophisticated literature, but an exciting historical novel that provides insights into a misfortune that is largely forgotten today – and reads a bit like the script for a possible Hollywood film based on “Nineteen Steps” with Brown in the leading role.

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