“Paper Opera” will premiere in Laakirchen

“Paper Opera” will premiere in Laakirchen
Ruben Zahra (M.) with Susanne Kao, Wilhelm Zelch, paper sculptures
Image: (SKT 2024)

In addition to professional artists, there are 29 children from Laakirchen and the surrounding area. “It is a project that brings together professionals and children from the region”says composer and director Ruben Zahra.

The fairy tale, which was written by Susanne Felicitas Wolf, revolves around the themes of salt and ice and includes legendary characters such as the Bergstutzen or Frau Perchta. Zahra chose a special material for the implementation – in keeping with the paper town of Laakirchen: paper. The Maltese learned about paper art on a trip to Japan: “Paper is the optimal medium for depicting salt and ice. It is transparent and complex.”

Paper costumes and characters

Therefore, costumes, props and masks were designed by paper artists Polly Verity and Kaori Kato, and Peter Dahmen designed pop-up figures made of paper. There will be a five-person music ensemble as well as Silke Grabinger from Linz, who will create the choreographies with three dancers and 13 students (study: dance teacher Susanne Kao). The children’s choir is led by Wilhelm Zelch, director of the Laakirchen State Music School. Sonja Zobel, a member of the Capital of Culture’s program team and a trained actress, will guide you through the fairytale opera as the narrator.

The children’s opera “Saltice” will be performed on February 24th (4 p.m., 6:30 p.m.) and February 25th (6:30 p.m.) in the Paper Maker Museum ALFA, Museumsplatz 1, Laakirchen. Info/maps: salzkammergut-2024.at

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