Mosquito invasion: how to reduce their presence in the home

Mosquito invasion: how to reduce their presence in the home
February 24, 2024 – 18:00

Although it may seem impossible to escape mosquitoes, there are certain important recommendations to keep in mind so that they do not invade your home. Learn more.


Since the weekend, a new mosquito invasion affects the inhabitants of the City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires. To try to scare them away, people resort to repellents, spirals and insecticides to keep them away.

Despite taking various precautions, the invasive presence of these insects means that attempts to avoid suffering from mosquito bites are in vain. However, it is important to take all the recommendations of specialists to keep them away from the vicinity of the home or work spaces.

What to do if I have mosquitoes in my house?

The mosquitoes They rest mainly in damp and dark areas such as under garden furniture or in the garage. Take these spaces into account to disinfect correctly.

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Mosquitoes accumulate in humid and shady spaces.

Mosquitoes accumulate in humid and shady spaces.


The first piece of advice that is essential for prevent the appearance of mosquitoes at home is to get rid of stagnant water, since it is where they could lay their eggs. If that happens, it will be much more difficult to scare them away. Therefore, it is important to apply precautionary measures. Specialists recommend:

  • Empty, at least once a week, any element that accumulates water such as tires, buckets, flower pots, toys, swimming pools, birdbaths, pot plates and garbage containers. Mosquitoes lay their eggs near waterso it is necessary to empty these containers, clean them and fill them again with clean water if it is a pool.
  • Cover water storage containers tightly so that mosquitoes cannot enter to lay their eggs. For containers without lids, use metal mesh with holes smaller than the size of an adult mosquito.
  • Use larvicides to treat large containers of water that are not used for drinking and that cannot be covered or emptied.

How to eliminate mosquitoes inside my house?


Mosquito invasion in AMBA.

Mosquito invasion in AMBA.

As we mentioned before, the mosquitoes They are usually installed in cool, dark and humid places. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the spaces in the house that meet these characteristics, such as closets, showers and other closed spaces. Also under counters and behind furniture.

To scare them away from the home you can resort to the use of spirals, insecticide tablets and others repellents. Also, it is recommended apply insecticides aerosolized into the air and surfaces where mosquitoes usually rest. These products are not harmful to health once they are dried. In any case, always follow the instructions on the product labels to avoid misapplication.

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To eliminate mosquitoes from the home, you must resort to the use of insecticides.

To eliminate mosquitoes from the home, you must resort to the use of insecticides.

Although the use of insecticides is necessary, it is not sufficient to maintain the mosquito free house. It is important to prevent them from entering the home. To do this, do not leave doors and windows open, especially at times of day with the greatest presence of mosquitoes, and you can install mosquito nets on doors and windows. Also, it is recommended to use air conditioning when possible since colder temperatures tend to paralyze them.

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