He played for Boca and River, he was champion in both and today he is in prison for abusing his goddaughter

He played for Boca and River, he was champion in both and today he is in prison for abusing his goddaughter

On the eve of a new Super classic between River and Mouth, several footballers come to mind who became champions with both shirts. Among the most notable are names such as: Oscar Ruggeri, Jonathan Maidanaand Alberto Tarantini. However, not everyone will remember Jonathan Fabbrochampion midfielder Opening 2003 with the Xeneize and the Final Tournament 2014 and Superfinal 2014 with the Millionaire.

Featured in category 82, Fabbro He began his career as a footballer in Argentinos Juniors, where he played inferiors for nine years. With no opportunities in the Bicho’s first game, he had the chance to go test himself at the Betis of Spain and he took advantage of it. He did not play in the Andalusian team and went to Majorca from the same country. There he was able to make his debut, but he did not stand out in the five games he played and returned to try his luck in Argentina.

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A weakness of Ramón Díaz in 2013.

Jonathan Fabbro’s time in Boca and his revenge in the 2004 Libertadores

In 2002, he ended up in Boca and debuted in first class with the Master Tabárez who made him debut with the blue and yellow. However, Fabbro He was never able to settle down and alternated a few minutes in the first team with games as a reserve starter.

When Carlos Bianchi He returned to be the coach of the Ribera club in 2003Fabbro was not taken into account by the Viceroy and went to Once Caldas of Colombia. Already in coffee-growing lands, the hitch was able to exact revenge on the Xeneize, since in 2004, His team defeated Boca in the final of the Copa Libertadores. Although he did not play minutes in the final, he was part of the squad.

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Bianchi never took it into account.

Bianchi never took it into account.

Many years without standing and its rebirth in Guaraní of Paraguay

Despite having won the most important title in America at the club level, the destiny of the Buenos Aires-born player did not change much. He was still not a starter and to make matters worse, he played in the final of the Intercontinental Cup against Porto of Portugal where He missed the decisive penalty that consecrated Once Caldas as world champions.

Then he passed without pain or glory Dorados de Sinaloa from Mexicoin Atlético Mineiro of Brazil and also in the Catholic University of Chile. His life took a 360 degree turn when he came to Guarani of Paraguay in 2007in the aurinegro won the 2010 Aperturabecame figure and idol of the club and he became a Paraguayan citizen to play for the national team he directed. Gerardo “Tata” Martino.

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He started in the final of the Intercontinental Cup.

He started in the final of the Intercontinental Cup.

From Cerro Porteño to River and vice versa

After achieving glory, he had a conflictive transfer to Cerro Porteño where he maintained the high level he showed in Guarani with 41 goals in 99 games. These actions aroused the interest of Ramon Diazwho insisted on his arrival to River mid-2013. At the Núñez club he alternated good and bad but never really found his footing.

Then he returned to Cerro Porteño where did it come out champion of the Paraguayan league in 2015 and from there his career never picked up again, changing sports covers for police ones.

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He was sent off in his River debut.

He was sent off in his River debut.

Argentine News

Jonathan Fabbro: from champion footballer to convicted of abusing his goddaughter

In February 2016the Argentine nationalized Paraguayan went to play Chiapas of Mexico. In that year, accusations against the footballer came to light. His own goddaughter reported him for sexual assault. By the end of 2017, when he was a member of Lobos in the Aztec country, Fabbro already had an arrest warrant. Finally, He was caught by Interpol in December of that yearin a hotel in Cholula, state of Mexico. In May 2018 he was extradited to Argentina.

In September 2019, The Oral Criminal Court No. 12 sentenced Jonathan Fabbro to 14 years in prison for sexually abusing his goddaughter for five years. “Damn justice!” his girlfriend shouted. Larissa Riquelme.

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The soccer player's mother, Martha Zabala, assured that her son is innocent.

The soccer player’s mother, Martha Zabala, assured that her son is innocent.

In April 2020the defense of the former midfielder asked for house arrest, but the request was denied. Currently, the former Mouth and River serves in the prison Marcos Pazwhere “he receives different attacks against him due to the characteristics of the crime for which he is detained,” according to his lawyers. In September 2022, his 16-year prison sentence was confirmed..

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