Bill Gates’ biggest financial secret: the unnecessary spending he avoided to save money

Bill Gates’ biggest financial secret: the unnecessary spending he avoided to save money
February 29, 2024 – 9:00 p.m.

The magnate left aside one of the greatest luxuries, since he considered it an unnecessary expense. Find out what the businessman saved on.

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Day by day new secrets continue to be revealed about the life of Bill Gatesbusinessman recognized for co-founding Microsoft. His journey and success are an example for many entrepreneurs and apprentices, who study each of his movements, trying to follow in his footsteps.

On this occasion, Marc Randolphco-founder of Netflixtold an intimacy of Gates about an expense that the magnate considered unnecessary and refused to make.

The expense that Bill Gates refused to make because he considered it unnecessary

airplane seats.jpg

Bill Gates did not travel first class.

Bill Gates I was not traveling in first class.

Despite being one of the most recognized millionaires, Bill Gates I preferred do not buy first class tickets on airplanes, since I did not make sense of it nor did I understand the relationship between cost and benefit as valid.

Analyzing the service, the businessman understood that there was no time benefit when acquiring a prominent place on a flight, because it was clearly the same plane and everyone would arrive at their destination at the same time.

The reflections of Bill Gates

With this clear example, Randolph He understood that the tycoon was marking two different concepts of living life. “After all the experiences I had when co-founding Netflix and investing in many great companies, the most important thing I learned about money is that once you have enough, you can choose to have less, but in exchange for choosing how to spend your time. Spending it on something meaningful is worth much more than a Maserati“.

Bill Gates made a prediction about artificial intelligence


Bill Gates' prediction about AI.

The prediction of Bill Gates on AI.

In a recent post on the site Gates Notesthe co-founder of Microsoftshared his vision on the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the industry health. Focusing on healthcare and its evolution over time, Gates highlighted the crucial role that AI can play in optimizing the time of healthcare professionals. health by handling administrative tasks such as filing insurance claims and writing medical notes.

However, Gates warned about the need for close collaboration between humans and AI systemsrecognizing the risks inherent in the implementation of emerging technologies in the field of health. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of careful evaluation and regulation of these tools to mitigate potential errors and ensure their effectiveness and safety.

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