Sanction in GH: Agostina’s reprehensible comment about the AMIA that would leave her out of the game

Sanction in GH: Agostina’s reprehensible comment about the AMIA that would leave her out of the game

The Big Brother production evaluates a harsh sanction against Agostina Spinelli. The participant made a comment about the AMIA and generated repudiation on social networks.

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The cameras of Big Brother They film what happens inside the house 24 hours a day. On this occasion, social media users were watching the live event at the time Agostina Spinelli He made a reprehensible comment about the attack on the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA).

Due to the impact that the participant’s phrase had on the networks, Big Brother announced this Friday that the sanction It will be announced next Sunday when the elimination gala is broadcast, in which Agostina was one of the nominees to leave the house.

Big Brother: Agostina’s reprehensible comment on the attack on the AMIA

Agostina Spinelli’s reprehensible phrase occurred in a context in which she was washing the dishes and her partner Bautista was drying them. At that moment, the Uruguayan player told him that he would stop doing it because he wanted to look for some candy that was left at the house of relatives who entered the “challenge.”Frozen“.

Regarding that, the participant launched: “Go, otherwise they fly. Like the AMIA“, referring to the attack perpetrated in 1994. This generated repudiation on social networks, where users shared the video and it quickly went viral.

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Agostina’s reprehensible comment about the AMIA

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Then, the person who reported that a sanction for the participant is being evaluated was Robertito Funes Ugarte, who hosts the Friday gala. “We want to communicate that GH is evaluating what decision to take in the face of the reprehensible statements that Agostina has said“, said the driver, who also anticipated that the sanction will be revealed on Sunday.

What is the AMIA and what was the attack it suffered in 1994?

The Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) It is a center of the Jewish community located in the Buenos aires city. According to the official website, its mission is “promote well-being and individual, family and institutional development of Jewish life in Argentina, to ensure continuity, sustain the values ​​of our people and strengthen the sense of community.

Furthermore, they search “strengthen the basic principles of democracy and pluralismor, promoting creative coexistence from the particularities that make up society.”

The attack on the AMIA occurred on the morning of July 18, 1994, when a car bomb caused the explosion of their building. The attack left 85 fatalities and 300 people injuredwhich is why it is considered the largest terrorist attack in Argentine history.

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