Pets: why cats tend to stray away from home

Pets: why cats tend to stray away from home

Although cats enjoy walking alone, there is a risk that they can stray too far from the house. I know the reasons.

Cats are one of the favorite pets along with the dogs. These furry companions are known for their cunning and survival skills, however, they are often characterized as being a lonely animalwhich is why many people do not choose it as a pet.

It is a fact that felines enjoy solitude, but that does not mean that they are very affectionate, mainly with their owners. They delight lovers of animals with his endless walks through the roofs of the neighborhood, and although they always return home, domestic felines can flee by situations that generate fear and stress.

Why can cats stray away from the house?


Pets: cats.
  • Changes in routine: cats are animals traditions and one of the things they hate the most are changes in their environment and their customs. A move or a change in food can be a stressful situation for these cats. In response, there is a possibility that they want run away from home. Therefore, experts recommend that any type of changes be made gradually.

  • Loud noises: a cat’s auditory sense is more sensitive than that of a person. Therefore, the loud noiseslike thunder, loud music or shouting, generate fear and anxiety. Upon hearing a loud sound, the animal can react and hide or move away from the place to a calmer space.

  • Fear and discomfort: The appearance of new objects in the house or many unknown people can create an uncomfortable environment for the animal. If you don’t have a safe space to retreat to, you may resort to staying away from home until you feel confident about returning.
  • How do cats get back to their home without getting lost?


    Cats have the ability to locate themselves and return to their home without great difficulty.

    Cats have the ability to locate themselves and return to their home without great difficulty.


    The cats They are territorial animals natureand their ability to remember and recognize their territory is essential to their survival. Felines mark their environment with pheromones through glands located in your face and pawscreating a olfactory map that helps them orient themselves.

    It is believed that cats use this mind map to get back home, following the olfactory clues they have left during their long walks. Also, these animals can use the sounds as a guiding tool to return home.

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