Netflix: the new science fiction film with Adam Sandler

Netflix: the new science fiction film with Adam Sandler

The film narrates the space excursion of astronaut Jakub. Watch the trailer and synopsis of the famous actor’s new film.


Came to Netflix this March 1st one of the most anticipated films of the platform catalog for the third month of the year. Is about The astronauta science fiction film that stars the great Adam Sandler.

With a duration of 1 hour and 47 minutestells the address of Johan Renck (“Chernobyl”) and the story is based on The Bohemian Astronaut (2017)the successful novel by Czech writer, Jaroslav Kalfar.

Specialized critics defined Adam Sandler’s new film as a drama with science fiction overtones with several actors in their prime and an award-winning director. In addition, it represented a great acting challenge for Sandler, who is seen in a different facet than what he had accustomed us to.

The film’s own protagonist, who puts himself in the shoes of astronaut Jakubstressed in a recent press conference how complicated it was work daily tying cableseven more so because at his age “his body is no longer so flexible.”

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Adam Sandler plays Jakub in The Astronaut.

Adam Sandler plays Jakub in The Astronaut.


Synopsis of The Astronaut, the Netflix science fiction premiere

Six months into a lonely research mission to the far reaches of the solar system, astronaut Jakub becomes desperate when he realizes his marriage may not last until he returns to Earth. But in the bowels of the ship lies a mysterious ancient being who will help him fix things with his wife, Lenka. The creature, named Hanuš, reviews the pitfalls of their relationship with Jakub before it is too late.

Trailer for The Astronaut

Embed – The Astronaut | Official trailer | Netflix

Cast of The Astronaut

  • Adam Sandler as astronaut Jakub
  • Carey Mulligan as Lenka, Jakub’s wife
  • Paul Dano as Hanuš, the strange being who tries to contain Jakub’s worries
  • Kunal Nayyar
  • Lena Olin
  • Isabella Rossellini

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