Billie Eilish: Relationship breakup because of this superhero

Billie Eilish: Relationship breakup because of this superhero

A superhero led to the end of Billie Eilish’s relationship. She broke up with her boyfriend after a dream about Christian Bale.

Christian Bale (50) was once the indirect reason for Billie Eilish’s (22) separation from an ex-boyfriend. The singer now revealed this with brother Finneas O’Connell (26) and “Chicken Shop Date” presenter Amelia Dimoldenberg (30).

The conversation, which was recorded with the two Oscar-nominated siblings in the run-up to the Academy Awards, initially focused on the topic of superheroes. “Batman” is her favorite, even if she doesn’t know much about superheroes, explains Billie Eilish. She even broke up with an ex-boyfriend because of him.

Billie Eilish split from ex-boyfriend because of Christian Bale

The reason was a dream. “A few years ago I dreamed of Christian Bale,” said the musician. “We were in a little cafe in the sunshine and I realized I had to break up with my then-boyfriend. I woke up and came to my senses.”

Billie Eilish did not reveal who her ex-boyfriend was. Her last publicly known relationship was with The Neighborhood frontman Jesse Rutherford (32), who was ten years her senior. The couple’s separation became known in May 2023. She was previously in a relationship with actor Matthew Tyler Vorce.

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