The upward trend in crimes has been broken, Lacalle Pou stated before legislators

The upward trend in crimes has been broken, Lacalle Pou stated before legislators

The president highlighted the security numbers although he assured that he is not satisfied with what has been achieved.

President Luis Lacalle Pou stood out, before the Legislative General Assemblythat crimes decreased during his administration, although he insisted that he is not satisfied with the general situation regarding crime. security.

“The homicides They fell 3%, that’s the photo. The film must be added to the photo. The upward trend in crimes was broken and today it is a downward trend. What I want to repeat, I said it everywhere, we are not satisfied,” said the president regarding one of the points most questioned by the opposition of the Broad Front (FA) throughout these four years of government.

“I am not conceptually satisfied because I do not believe that crime and violence are a normal accepted form of citizen coexistence,” he added.

According to the Executive, meanwhile, compared to 2019, thefts decreased by almost 20%, robberies by almost 27%, rustling by 50% and vehicle theft by 24%.

President Luis Lacalle Pou He listed the causes why crimes and homicides decreased in Uruguay. “More deployment, more technology, more research, more weapons, more combat against drug traffickingalthough I also dare to say that there is a defining factor, which is the legal and moral support for each of our uniformed personnel,” he noted.

Next, the president referred to the problem of overcrowding in prisons that, according to him, was generated as a result of the success in fighting crime. “At the same time as strongly repressing crime, we have taken care of prisons, because there are more people in prisons. By combating if we already had an overpopulation problem, we have dedicated ourselves and continue to do so to generate hundreds of new places in the country” .

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