Mirtha Legrand revealed the unusual reason why Lionel Messi never went to her program

Mirtha Legrand revealed the unusual reason why Lionel Messi never went to her program

The host told what the soccer star said to Marcela Tinayre about La Noche de Mirtha.

Mirtha Legrand told how the meeting was Lionel Messi with Marcela Tinayre in Miami and what he told her about why until now he never went to La Noche de Mirtha.

“Messi greeted you for your birthday”Costa, one of the guests, reminded the host, who explained: “Yes, yes, because my family was in Miami, Marcela was with him, she took photos, she says he is an adorable guy.”

“Marcela told him, are you going to go to mom’s program? and he answered him ‘Yes, but it scares me a little’“, revealed the Argentine diva about the world champion and the possibilities of him being on her program.

Mirtha Legran’s relationship with Celia, Messi’s mother

In The Night of Mirtha, Chiqui Legrand revealed what the link is like with Celiathe mother of Leo Messi: “Celia is divine. We tweet with her.”

“She is loving”he added and then said that his grandson returned to Argentina from his trip to Miami and was also with the soccer player: “Today I saw Nacho and He told me that he was also with Messi”.

Mirtha Legrand’s request for vaccines against dengue

In the “table” on Saturday, Chiqui had the participation of Coco Sily, Diego Ramos, Rocío Oliva, Costa and the infectious disease doctor Roberto Debagg.

With the health professional there, Mirtha took the opportunity to talk about the current situation in the country and the dangers posed by the bite of the infected Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The driver asked the Government that the dengue vaccine should be free: ““The Government is the one that has to give them, people cannot buy them”, he expressed.

The infectious disease specialist clarified that each dose costs “approximately $70,000,” but that the value depends on the social work or prepaid of each person. At the same time, he stressed that the two doses necessary to complete the scheme and achieving immunity represent a total cost of $140,000.

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