ATE denounces cuts, layoffs at INCAA and the sale of the Gaumont cinema

ATE denounces cuts, layoffs at INCAA and the sale of the Gaumont cinema

The union issued a statement opposing the possible adjustments proposed by the new president, such as: the defunding of national festivals and the elimination of Cine.Ar, among others.

ATE INCAA released a statement after the meeting with the president of the INCAAthe Economist Carlos Luis Pirovanoappointed in the government of Javier Milei and detailed the plan to defund and destroy national cinema that La Libertad Avanza will seek to carry out.

“On Monday, March 4 at 1:00 p.m. at the request of the Internal Board of ATE at INCAA, the meeting took place with Carlos Luis Pirovano, current president of the organization. The agenda of the workers was taken, the urgency of the continuity of jobs under the contractual modality of work location and by specialty, which encompasses a total of 170 workers among which are, on the one hand, 90 colleagues who perform regular and permanent tasks in different areas of the Institute, and on the other hand, 80 workers who are members of committees and project tutors, appointed by Resolution,” indicates the beginning of the statement.


INCAA in a conflict with the Government.

INCAA in a conflict with the Government.

“In this situation, Pirovano flatly denied the possibility of reversing the measure, characterizing that INCAA spent more than 60% of its budget on salaries and operations, failing to comply with the Film Law. It was useless to reiterate our constant demand to tax the platforms, I propose that this union has been carrying out for years, as the Cinema Law itself establishes, when referring its scope to any means of exhibition. If these funds were actually received, the Institute would put its accounts back in order, fully complying with said Law, without the need for any type of layoffs, closures of areas, programs or activities,” he adds.

In another passage, it indicates: “Instead, the current president of the INCAA emphasized his intention to continue in a second stage with new layoffs of the temporary plant, voluntary retirements and early retirements for the permanent plant. He also detailed an action plan with with a view to reducing spending, he asked “Why have a television channel and a platform?” referring to Cine.ar and Cine.ar Playproposed the elimination or at least the reduction of control activities carried out by the Supervision Management, the closure of federal scope programs, and even the closure and sale of the Gaumont Cinema. In terms of festivals, he suspended the end of any type of support for them and even outlined a plan to sponsor the Mar del Plata and Ventana Sur International Film Festival, to directly avoid its closure as it was considered unnecessary to the functions of the Organization.”

The central points of the ATE INCAA statement

  • The 170 laid-off workers would not be reinstated.
  • There would be more layoffs at INCAA.
  • The Gaumont is closed and sold.
  • There is no more festival support.
  • The Cine.ar channel and the free Argentine film and series platform Cine.ar Play are closed.

Given this situation since ATE INCAA promote a signature campaign to reject the measures and called on the audiovisual community to declare itself in a state of alert and mobilization: “To confront this brutal attack that aims to begin by eliminating jobs and continue with the political and economic objective of emptying and closing the INCAA.”

Source: Ambito

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