CER bonds and dollar bonds operate with a majority of increases

CER bonds and dollar bonds operate with a majority of increases

The dollar bonds that register the greatest advances are Global 2029 (+1.5%); the Global 2035 (+1.3%); and Bonar 2041 (+1.3%).


The dollar bonds operate with most rises this Wednesday, March 6, after falling into the previous round. In that framework, the CER titles They are also inclined towards progress. This occurs within a framework of selective purchases triggered by investors seeking recompose portfolios Short-term after the sharp decline from the previous session.

In the local stock marketmeanwhile, the dollar-nominated sovereign bonds they operated with most rises. Those that register the main advances are the Global 2029 (+1.5%); he Global 2035 (+1.3%); and the Bonar 2041 (+1.3%). While those who give up the most are the Global 2038 (-2.2%); he Bonar 2035 (-2%); and the Bonar 2038 (-0.9%).

Bonds in pesos: how they operate this Wednesday, March 6

In the weight segment, the CER bonds operate with most rises. Those that advance the most are the CUAP (+4.6%), the PR13 (+3.5%) and the PARP (+2.2%). Meanwhile, those who give up the most are the PAP0 (-6.7%) and the DIP0 (-5.1%).

While the dollar sovereigns linked they operated down. He T2V4 falls off 1.4% and the TV24 give up a 0.5%.


Dollar bonds advance.

Dollar bonds advance.


Dollar bonds advance: in what context?

Last Friday, in his speech opening of legislative sessionsMilei confirmed that “will not back down” with its ultra-liberal policies and will send a new package of laws to Congress, At the same time, I invite governors and former presidents to sign a “social pact” to be able to move forward with the reforms they consider necessary.

“The evolution of the dialogue for the ‘May Pact’ will be fundamental, along with the eventual treatment of the ‘Bases Law’ and the fiscal package,” they said from Portfolio Personal Investments (PPI). “In this sense, eyes will be on the ruling party’s ability not to blow up the channels laid while the ‘dialogue’ opposition agrees to approach the Government’s proposal,” they added.

Private analysts estimate inflation for February at around 16%, compared to the 20.6% recorded in Januarywith an annualized rate above 250% that positions Argentina at the top of the world ranking in the matter. “The dollar is in a bearish correction (rise of the peso), where it seems very likely that the market will be very buyer if it trades below 1,000 pesos”, estimated analyst Salvador Di Stefano. “We are reaching a bargain price, which implies that it is time not to sell, and wait to buy with a target of 950 pesos per dollar, then we will see if that level is actually reached,” he said.

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