“I was a player”: Oli Pocher on his relationship with Sabine Lisicki

“I was a player”: Oli Pocher on his relationship with Sabine Lisicki

In the latest episode of “The Pochers! Freshly Recycled”, comedian Oliver Pocher remembers his relationship with Sabine Lisicki.

In the current episode of the Podimo podcast “The Pochers! Freshly recycled”, comedian Oliver Pocher (46) thinks back for a change to another woman from his past as his current wife Amira Pocher (31). The comedian and his podcast partner Alessandra “Sandy” Meyer-Wölden (41) took the recent announcement of Sabine Lisicki’s (34) pregnancy as an opportunity to describe their personal impressions of the top tennis player and Pocher’s ex and about the hard life of the players on the professional tennis tour, which they both know from their own experience.

Oliver Pocher: “It wasn’t meant to be”

As is well known, the famous comedian and the former Wimbledon finalist went through life together from the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2016. In Pocher’s opinion, this relationship was special for Lisicki because he was “the first” with whom she was particularly in love.

And Pocher also accompanied his then partner in their intimate relationship on many stops on the women’s WTA tour. “I was the player’s man,” the comedian notes in retrospect – an experience he shares with ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden, who supported her then partner Tommy Haas (45) on the men’s ATP tour.

Oliver Pocher took the first step with Sabine Lisicki

Pocher also shares many other memories of ex-partner Lisicki in the new “The Pochers!” episode. He reveals that the contact with the professional athlete came about because she was looking for a replacement for the famous goal wall shooting for the ZDF program “Das aktuell Sportstudio”. Pocher then wrote to her on Twitter, which Sandy Meyer-Wölden also finds remarkable with the words “That was your idea.”

But as is well known, the relationship between the two German celebrities broke up after around two and a half years. “At a certain point in time,” Pocher sums up, “it no longer worked the way it was supposed to.” He’s sorry that things went that way back then, but it “just didn’t fit anymore.”

“It’s all the better that she’s happy now and that she can start her little family,” says Sandy Meyer-Wölden, trying to look optimistically into the future, while Oliver Pocher remarks: “Hopefully it lasts, and otherwise I can get her a divorce lawyer recommend.”

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