How women shaped the beginnings of radiology

How women shaped the beginnings of radiology
Women at work in an X-ray institute around 1900
Image: German Roentgen Museum

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen told the Würzburg Physical-Medical Society on December 28, 1895 that he had discovered “a new type of radiation.” This marked the beginning of the triumph of X-ray technology and radiology. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, examinations using X-rays became a medical standard that has been maintained to this day. Soon, so-called X-ray institutes were founded all over the world. Essential tasks related to operating the equipment, developing X-ray plates or carrying out radiation therapy were primarily taken on by women.

Together with the German Roentgen Museum, Franz Fellner from the JKU Institute of Radiology dares to look back at the early days of technology. On April 10th at 7 p.m. he invites you to the theme evening “Women in Radiology” in the JKU medSpace on the JKU Medical Campus (Krankenhausstrasse 5).

The guest speaker will be Anna-Katharina Kätker, director of the RöLab museum in the German Roentgen Museum. To participate, early registration is required reglist24.com/radiologie_und_anatomie recommended because the number of places is limited to around 100 people.

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