With this trick you will be able to wash and dry clothes on a humid day

With this trick you will be able to wash and dry clothes on a humid day

The problem with rain is that it does not dry clothes and ends up accumulating after so many days in this weather. I reversed the situation with this hack.

Much of the country experienced several days of heavy rains. The worst is over, but the same doubt always remains: what to do with clothes humid days. Many people choose not to wash their clothes these days, but when there are several days together, the clothes accumulate. What to do then?

The Internet is a service and a great trick went viral to be able to wash and dry clothes on humid days. This hack is great, since autumn is starting soon and that means it will rain more and there will be more humidity. Getting your clothes dry and not smelling is quite an odyssey in those months, so it never hurts to have an ace up your sleeve.

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How to dry clothes on a very humid day

One of the many tips is to hang the clothes as soon as the washing machine has finished spinning, this way you will avoid giving time for the particles that generate the musty smell to be generated. In addition, whenever possible, clothes should be hung in a space where the air flow is constant.

The best homemade trick is to use the hooks you may have on the walls and hang a rope. That way, the clothes will be well hung and ventilated. And the most important tip: it is never advisable to dry clothes in the bathroom or kitchen. These places tend to accumulate a lot of humidity and lack ventilation.

And if you need a garment immediately, nothing like a hair dryer or a water heater.

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