“Let’s Dance”: Jorge González: “I am everything the AfD hates”

“Let’s Dance”: Jorge González: “I am everything the AfD hates”

“Let’s Dance” juror Jorge González is gay, comes from Cuba, lives in Germany and is successful. And that means he’s everything the AfD doesn’t like.

The Hamburg-based choreographer and “Let’s Dance” juror Jorge González (56) feels comfortable and free in Germany. “I’m living the German dream. Of course not everything is perfect, but I’ve experienced a lot of tolerance here. Even before I was known,” he said in an interview with “Zeit Online”. And he doesn’t want to let the right-wing destroy that.

“I am everything the AfD hates: a homosexual, a mulato, a migrant – and successful at that. But I’m not afraid.” There is space for many people in Germany and more than enough work. He is convinced: “The right is gaining strength here as in the whole world, but the majority thinks differently.”

As a young man, Gonzalez went from Cuba to what was then Czechoslovakia and says he studied nuclear ecology there. During this time he was also in Vienna because a friend had smuggled him there in the trunk of his car. The first thing he did was buy Mozartkugeln. “I ate them straight away while watching the people. To me, capitalism tastes like Mozartkugeln.”

Source: Stern

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