Arnold Schwarzenegger: He got a pacemaker

Arnold Schwarzenegger: He got a pacemaker

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had another operation. A pacemaker was inserted during his most recent heart surgery.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (76) has had a pacemaker inserted. The “Terminator” star underwent another heart operation a week ago on Monday “to become a little more of a machine,” he said

Five days later with Jane Fonda at an environmental event

However, it was important for the actor to emphasize that he was doing well and that the operation went well and “as painlessly as possible”. The following Friday he was again at a large environmental event with his “friend and fitness colleague” Jane Fonda (86). From the same event on Instagram in which he gave interviews and showed himself to be extremely fit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born with a heart defect

The intervention did not come out of the blue. Schwarzenegger has already undergone open heart surgery several times because he was born with a heart defect. He had his first two heart operations in 1997, when the pulmonary valve and the aortic valve were replaced. The flaps used at the time were replaced in 2018 and 2020.

Due to the scar tissue, an irregular heartbeat was now detected. Now he has to miss the gym for a while, but apart from that he feels good. That’s just how “life with a genetic heart problem” is, but you “won’t hear him complaining,” he made it clear.

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