Julian Claßen announces separation from Tanja Makarić: “Hurts me”

Julian Claßen announces separation from Tanja Makarić: “Hurts me”

After separating from his wife Bianca Claßen, Julian Claßen built a new life with his new girlfriend Tanja Makarić. Shared photos on Instagram were the order of the day. Now everything is deleted – and the two go their separate ways.

For influencer couples who regularly appear together on Instagram, it is usually not a good sign if all of the photos are suddenly deleted. Julian Claßen has now taken this step. He has cleaned up his public profile – and removed all pictures from his relationship with Tanja Makarić. However, some shots can still be seen on her Instagram account.

Julian Claßen and Tanja Makarić are separated

The influencer posted a statement in his story. “As many have already noticed, I deleted the pictures with Tanja, we separated amicably,” he writes there. Claßen admits to suffering from the separation. “I’m really hurting by all of this right now and I’m out with Rafael for a few days and trying to think of other things,” he explains to his audience of millions on the social network. He always wants to be transparent with his fans, says Claßen. Rafael is also likely to be a name known to his followers. He is the cousin of Claßen’s long-time partner Bianca “Bibi” Claßen.

In spring 2022, Claßen and Bianca “Bibi” Claßen shocked their fans with their love breakup. Because Bibi – who became known with her YouTube channel “Bibis Beauty Palace” – and Julian “Julienco” Claßen had always presented themselves as a unit. He met her at school, accompanied her every step of the way in her online career and even started her own YouTube channel. They were a couple for 13 years. The two got married in September 2018, shortly afterwards two children rounded off the family’s happiness, and the separation followed in 2022.

Just a few weeks later, Claßen appeared in public with Tanja Makarić and on his profile. The athlete has now built up a considerable Instagram following and regularly posts advertisements and collaborations herself. She has not yet commented on the separation.

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