Actor couple: Kramer and Krassnitzer: Their marriage secret

Actor couple: Kramer and Krassnitzer: Their marriage secret

How do Ann-Kathrin Kramer and Harald Krassnitzer manage to live in a happy relationship? They revealed this in an interview.

The actor couple Ann-Kathrin Kramer and Harald Krassnitzer see mutual tolerance as the best recipe for success for a good marriage. “Of course there is no real secret. But I think it is important to stay in the process together,” Kramer told the “Augsburger Allgemeine” in a double interview with her husband.

“It’s not about liking or criticizing certain qualities in others. The more open you remain to painful processes, the more you learn about yourself.” Krassnitzer (63), known from the Austrian “Tatort,” said: “In relationships, you should never try to restrict and domesticate the other person.” You have to give the other person space “so that they can develop the way they would like.” “Everything else is just Pipifax.”

Krassnitzer admires the “high integrity” of his wife, who turns 58 on Thursday. “She looks at things very closely and always opens up new fields for me. She is a very organized person, while I live in a more archaic structure. For me, 15 things are mixed up and only I know where the order is. Ann-Kathrin On the other hand, it’s very structured, which I really admire. Because it keeps my back free and keeps me safe. It’s like a rope team. I can climb into the wall without fear because I know there’s someone else with the rope holds.”

Married couple also in front of the camera

On Sunday (April 7th) the couple, who have lived together for 25 years and been married for 15 years, can be seen as a fictional married couple in a ZDF Herzkino film from the “Anders Family” series. It’s called “The Rose-colored Glasses.” The film has nothing to do with her real married life, said Kramer. “What we’re playing is pathological. In the film, my husband has the pathological personality of a narcissist. This is a toxic relationship that has nothing to do with us as a private couple.”

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