Dead Pants star Campino: Convincing lecture as a visiting professor

Dead Pants star Campino: Convincing lecture as a visiting professor

Tote-Hosen frontman Campino thrilled the audience at Düsseldorf University with his lecture “Declaration of Love for Common Poetry”.

Campino (61) gave his inaugural lecture as a visiting professor at Heinrich Heine University on Tuesday (April 2). “Kästner, Kraftwerk, Cock Sparrer. A declaration of love for everyday poetry” was the title on which the singer of the punk rock band Die Toten Hosen gave a lecture to 650 students in lecture hall 3A. He was accompanied by his bandmate Kuddel (59).

: He first came across the term “common poetry” in connection with the writer Erich Kästner (1899-1947). “That description is also how I feel most comfortable with what we do,” he said of his band.

“It was great”

There was “a lot of applause” for his lesson, as the station reports. The success of the lecture is also reflected in the social media comments with which Campino and Kuddel thank the audience. “Thank you for a great experience! It was a pleasure! See you again at the second lecture on April 23rd. – Campino,” reads the band’s page.

“Thank you very much for the great event! It was great,” replies one participant. Another writes: “Thank you for this special afternoon and the personal insights.” Another comment: “Thank you, it was great, humorous and educational! Your fan from Italy”.

Campino will give two lectures in April

On March 11, the university in Campino’s hometown announced his visiting professorship on its official website. Campino, whose real name is Andreas Frege, will give two lectures. The musician will hold the second lecture on April 23rd. He then lectures on the topic “Everyone has something to say. The cacophony of our time”.

With his guest professorship, the musician inherits well-known predecessors such as Wolf Biermann (87), Joschka Fischer (75), Ulrich Wickert (81) and Marcel Reich-Ranicki (1920-2013), who was the first Heinrich Heine visiting professor in 1991.

Source: Stern

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