Painting toenails: These colors will be trendy in 2024

Painting toenails: These colors will be trendy in 2024

By summer at the latest, not only the fingernails but also the toenails are skilfully showcased. We’ll tell you which colors will be trendy in 2024.

Red nail polish is a real classic and can be worn at any time of the year. And yet the popular color is not one of the trends this year – but it is a close relative: Pink is one of the absolute must-haves in 2024 if you want to paint your toenails. The louder, the better. But light rosé tones are also becoming popular again, as are rich black in matt or glossy, bright white and a delicate beige.

Toenail colors 2024: Five hot trends

1. Black
Even though black isn’t actually a color, the dark tone exudes its own charm – also this year. Whether matt or shiny doesn’t matter. The nail polish always looks casual, modern and provocative on the toenails. Because even if Although it is not a typical summer color, it goes well with every casual look. The dark nails look particularly good in combination with small toe rings.

2. Pink
In 2024 it will be time again: courage to use color. Bright nail polish in rich pink gives your feet the wow effect. The color goes just as well with a sporty leisure look as it does with a chic evening outfit. However, the perfect symbiosis is achieved above all with a white hippie dress or colored floral prints – regardless of whether you choose one choose or a bright neon pink.

3. White
This year, not only white dresses are a real eye-catcher, but also on the feet. The color is clean and timeless, so it can perfectly complement any outfit. It also makes our skin tone appear slightly darker and emphasizes the natural tan. The nail polish goes particularly well with summer looks in bright colors such as pink or green, yellow or blue.

4. Pink
Even in a toned-down form, pink dominates the toenail color trends: this year, delicate rose tones and pastel colors are particularly popular. They decorate your feet without becoming too much of a focus. Due to the light color note, they harmonize particularly well with subtle summer outfits. If you want to decorate your nails but don’t want to emphasize too much, is a the ideal companion.

Even this fairly neutral and inconspicuous color is one of the trends for 2024: . It is particularly suitable for people who prefer to keep their toenails in subtle tones. However, caution is advised when it comes to delicate nude tones: If you have light skin, beige is not always the best choice – the color can otherwise make your feet appear even paler. Pale tones are more suitable for dark skin types or in combination with a beautiful summer tan.

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