Luke Mockridge: “I was an asshole and I’m sorry for that”

Luke Mockridge: “I was an asshole and I’m sorry for that”

Luke Mockridge has spoken about his “excessive partying” and “misbehavior” with women in a new interview.

Comedian Luke Mockridge (35) speaks again about the allegations that have been difficult for him in recent years. In the conversation, he clearly separates his “excessive partying” and the resulting “misbehavior” from the drama that befell him after his ex-girlfriend Ines Anioli (37) reported attempted rape.

Luke Mockridge: “I had an almost sporting motivation to pick up women”

The Bonn native emphasizes that his party excesses have “nothing to do with the accusation of rape, which has long since collapsed legally.” But Mockridge also admits that he can “take responsibility for his “misconduct” in relation to his “very outrageous nightlife” and say: I was an asshole and I’m sorry for that.

“I had an almost sporting motivation to pick up women.” There were “high fives and pats on the back” for such activities, he remembers. He wanted to party just as hard as non-prominent people, “wanted to drink, go crazy, tear sinks out of the wall and jump from the DJ booth into the crowd,” is how he describes his state of mind at the time. “From today’s perspective: late puberty. Uncool,” he judged in 2024. His party behavior could be classified “as human misconduct. The other thing is an act that I did not commit,” but he emphasized again.

Luke Mockridge had to be hospitalized for three months

In September 2021, a former partner made allegations against him. Mockridge had rejected the allegations and the Cologne public prosecutor’s office closed proceedings. As a result, however, the TV star was hit by a shitstorm from which he was unable to recover for a long time. He withdrew from public life.

from Joyce Ilg (40) and Chris Half 12, how dramatic things were for him: “I was forcibly admitted and spent three months in the clinic.” He continued: “You come into a protected space because everything then went very concretely… and into an area where I had to be protected,” said the comedian.

After initially going through a phase of sadness and anger, he reflected on himself and learned from the crisis: “I feel so strengthened and happy and optimistic for the rest of my life that I just want to communicate that much more – “It just keeps going,” he continued in the podcast.

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