The Cannes Festival delegate asked Javier Milei to “guarantee the existence of Argentine cinema”

The Cannes Festival delegate asked Javier Milei to “guarantee the existence of Argentine cinema”

“What is happening with the country is a very important economic crisis. I I received a lot of messages from Argentine journalists saying that they cannot come for economic reasons“he said first Fremaux when referring to the general difficulties of the Argentine economy, which impacts the daily work of the press workers who attend the event year after year.

From Cannes to Javier Milei: “A national cinema is part of a national soul”

However, his opinion did not stop there but he spoke in particular about cinema. “A national cinema is part of a national soul. And the soul of Argentina, of course, is music and literature, but it is also cinema and it is important for the new president to guarantee the existence of Argentine cinema,” express.

Frémaux stressed that currently the Incaa and Argentine cinema “They have a lot of financing problems”, despite the fact that the country has been going through a great moment for years. In that sense, he took the opportunity to emphasize and value that Argentina has given rise to the emergence of a “great new generation of artists”.

In any case, the general delegate of the Cannes Festival avoided further criticism of the political aspect, given that, as he said, he has no “right” to comment on the matter.

Since his arrival in the Government, Milei ordered a strong cut and a review of INCAA’s expenses, stopping all types of hiring and expenditures. Furthermore, in the last few hours he ordered the suspension of the reception of new film projects that require financing for 90 days.

The films in competition at the 77th Cannes Film Festival

From the return of Francis Ford Coppola, 45 years after his second Palme d’Or, to a film about a young Donald Trump, these are the 19 films in competition at the 77th Cannes Film Festival:

  • “The Apprentice” by Ali Abbasi

After “Border” and “Holy Spider”, the Danish director of Iranian origin tells the story of a young Donald Trump, in the midst of creating his real estate empire in the 1970s-80s.

  • “Motel Destino” by Karim Aïnouz

After the British historical drama “Firebrand”, in competition last year in Cannes, the Brazilian returns to film in his country and presents this “sexual comedy” that explores the question of desire in 2024, according to the organizers.

Double news for the British filmmaker, known for exploring the margins of society: she will receive the Golden Carriage, a prestigious award given by the Filmmakers’ Fortnight, and will compete with her latest film, starring Barry Keoghan and Franz Rogowski.

  • “Emilia Pérez” by Jacques Audiard

Palme d’Or in 2015 with “Dheepan”, the French filmmaker presents a film between thriller and musical set in the middle of drug trafficking in Mexico, with Selena Gomez, Zoe Saldaña and Edgar Ramírez in the cast.

A prominent figure in independent cinema, the American director of “The Florida Project” follows the steps of a sex worker between New York and Las Vegas.

  • “Megalopolis” by Francis Ford Coppola

The most anticipated film in the competition, with a budget of more than $100 million, revolves around the destruction and reconstruction of a megalopolis. Stars involved in the story include Adam Driver and Forest Whitaker.

  • “The Shrouds” by David Cronenberg

The Canadian, known for his gore universe, imagines a system that allows us to connect with the missing, in a film about the loss of loved ones, with Vincent Cassel and Diane Kruger.

  • “The Substance” by Coralie Fargeat

The Frenchwoman, author of “Revenge” in 2018, presents a gore film that marks the return to the foreground of Demi Moore.

  • “Grand tour” by Miguel Gomes

The Portuguese filmmaker, known for “Tabú” in 2012, tells the story of a British official installed in Burma in 1917, who abandons his fiancée to take a great trip through Asia.

  • “Marcello Mio” by Christophe Honoré

Marcello Mastroianni, who died in 1996, is remembered by his daughter Chiara, along with his mother Catherine Deneuve and other close friends, such as Benjamin Biolay and Melvil Poupaud.

  • “Caught by the tides” by Jia Zhang-Ke

The Chinese filmmaker presents a film epic that crosses all his films and 25 years of history of a country in full mutation, with his muse and wife, Zhao Tao.

  • “All we imagine as light” by Payal Kapadia

The director films the desire of two women in India, one of them a nurse from Bombay involved in a forced wedding.

  • “Kind of Kindness” by Yorgos Lanthimos

The Greek director returns to work with his favorite actress Emma Stone, winner of an Oscar for “Poor Things.” He plays a woman who returns different after disappearing at sea.

  • “L’amour ouf” by Gilles Lellouche

After the success of “The Big Bath”, presented out of competition, the French actor follows the unlikely relationship of a couple, played by François Civil and Adèle Exarchopoulos.

  • “Diamant Brut” by Agathe Riedinger

First film by this French director, about the dreams and utopias of a teenager and social networks in the south of France.

  • “Oh Canada” by Paul Schrader

Uma Thurman and Richard Gere star in this film, an adaptation of a book by Russell Banks. A famous documentary filmmaker at death’s door grants a last interview to one of his disciples. A confession filmed before the eyes of his wife.

  • “Limonov, the ballad of Eddie” by Kirill Serebrennikov

After “Tchaikovsky’s Wife,” the Russian filmmaker in exile focuses on dissident Russian writer Eduard Limonov, played by Ben Whishaw in this adaptation of Emmanuel Carrère’s novel.

  • “Parthenope” by Paolo Sorrentino

The director of “The Great Beauty” films the impossible loves of a young woman, in a story set in Naples.

  • “The Girl with the Needle” by Magnus Von Horn

A period film about the story of Dagmar Overbye, who murdered dozens of newborns in Copenhagen in the 1910s and was sentenced to life in prison.

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