Emigrate: what is the punishment for Argentines who stay illegally in the United States

Emigrate: what is the punishment for Argentines who stay illegally in the United States

Moving to the North American country may be a dream for many Argentines, but there are strong penalties if it is done illegally.

Emigrate to USA It can be a dream for thousands of Argentines who seek better opportunities abroad, with greater economic benefits due to their high salaries and standard of living. But it is important that we access the North American country legally to avoid conflicts and legal, social and economic sanctions.

Illegal stay on US soil represents a violation of their immigration laws and its consequences may vary depending on each person’s situation. Depending on the case, the consequences could escalate to arrests and deportations.

United States: what is the punishment for those who stay illegally

These sanctions are defined for those who accumulate an illegal presence in US territory. In addition to the possible ban on entry into the country, Some immigrants could face the consequences of:

Cancellation of tourist visa without prior notification

When the owner of the document attempts to re-enter the United States, he or she will find that his or her American visa has been cancelled.

Loss of the right to obtain an American visa

Based on the previous punishment, those who have been sanctioned will not be able to obtain a new US visa.

Inadmissibility for exceeding the authorized time

The immigrant who exceeds the length of stay granted by the United States will be classified as inadmissible to the country.

Penalty for illegal stay of more than 180 days

For those who were illegally in the country for a long period, they will have veto penalties that could range between three to ten years or permanently.

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United States: when is a person considered “unlawfully present”

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) reported that: “If you are in the United States without an immigration officer admitting you or granting you permission to enter the country, then you began to accumulate illegal presence from the day you entered the country without admission or entry permit.” At the same time, it is also considered an illegal presence when the period of stay or authorized entry has expired.

United States: sanctions for “unlawful presence”

Retaliation for illegally entering or maintaining a presence in the United States includes veto or prohibition of re-entry to the country for different periods of time depending on the case:

  • Three years: only in cases where the foreigner remained in the United States for more than 180 days.
  • Ten years: if the individual established himself in the country for more than one year of illegal presence.
  • Permanently: when the foreign citizen re-enters or attempts to re-enter without having been previously accepted.

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