0km and used financing fell 34% in March

0km and used financing fell 34% in March

During March, Some 14,857 vehicles were financed in Argentina66.4% of them were new vehicles and the remaining 33.6% were used transfers.

Overall, last month there were 2.7% more operations than in Februarybut also 34.4% fewer operations than in March 2023.

The garments with used were the ones that fell the hardest (-47.6% year-on-year) taking into account the context in which transfers were reduced 27.8% in the same comparison.

The clothes over 0kmfor their part, contracted 24.8% compared to 2023, in line with patents, which decreased 35.2% in March vs March 2023.

Last month 9,862 items on 0km vehicles were registeredthat’s a 11.5% more that last month and turn 24.8% below from the March 2023 registry.

The contraction in financed patenting operations is basically due to the fall in the 0km market, although savings plans were the ones that supported a good part of the operations in March.

Refering to financing of used vehicles, last month 5,017 items were registeredwhich represents a down 10.8% compared to February.

Furthermore, this figure is 47.4% lower than the 9,538 that had been registered in March 2023.

Cars: from May, 0km of more than $37,300,000 will pay the luxury tax

Starting May 1, 0km cars with a retail price of more than $37,300,000 will be covered by the first stopover of the Internal Taxaccording to information accessed Ambit.

The data arises from the quarterly adjustment that the AFIP will apply on the current tax base of $19,826,151 that is valid until the end of April and that will go to $26,229,997 in wholesale price, that is, before 21% VAT and 15% of the concessionaire’s commission.

This makes the public value around $37,300,000, although it is an estimated amount since it will depend on the method of paying taxes and the possibility of reducing the commission margin on the part of the sellers.

This value will be valid, in principle, until the end of July, when the next update occurs, unless the next government modifies this tax. Until the end of April, the 0km reached by this tribute, known as “luxury” tax, They are those that have a public price of more than $28,200,000, approximately.

Source: Ambito

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