They present a collection of fine fragrances for spray deodorants

They present a collection of fine fragrances for spray deodorants

AXE revolutionizes the world of luxury fragrances with the launch of its new Collection of Fine Fragrances, developed by two fragrance houses experts in the market such as Givaudan and Firmenichand created by Ann Gottlieba renowned developer of fine fragrances worldwide and responsible for countless successful launches within the perfume category.

The collection features 3 irresistible AX fragrances: Blue Lavender, Green Geranium and Aqua Citrus.

The brand designed the AX Fine Fragrances Collectiona hybrid between a fine fragrance and a deodorant that neutralizes bad body odor to keep you fresh and protected.

The new range is fresher, lighter and more modern than ever before in the deodorant range. AXE and features a diverse variety of profiles and aromas loved by young people. In fact, they smell luxurious like a perfume, in a market where +74% of young Generation Z believe that there is no fine fragrance they can afford (according to a Kantar study). AXE faces this problem by developing a premium fragrance that everyone can afford.

“AX may have a bad reputation for its fragrances, but we smell better than they think and with our New Fine Fragrance Collection, we are going to prove that we are the best in the fragrance industry,” he asserts. Caroline Gregory, Global Brand Director of AX. “So now guys can smell as good as perfume every day. No need to wait for special occasions.”

The full collection and fragrance profiles include:

Ax 3.jpeg

Blue Lavender: A refreshingly sweet aroma made of icy lavender with a hint of mint and a cool, creamy accord that leads to an orange blossom accord and an alcoholic geranium-bourbon accord. A contrasting base of warm cedar, addictive vanilla cream accord, sensual tonka bean and bright amber create the ultimate fragrance for those delicious moments.

Green Geranium: Top notes of Moroccan mint, French lavender, Canadian fir balsam, blended with a mosaic of spices and herbs, such as Madagascar black pepper, Indian cardamom and French sage.

Aqua Citrus: A classic, clean shine enlivens the fragrance in a modern and new way. The heart of the fragrance is wrapped with natural sage, lavender and frosted by juniper berries and roses. It is accompanied by notes of earthy sandalwood, soft amber and spicy nutmeg.

The fragrance experts at AXE They know that the only real way to smell irresistibly good all day is by offering high-end fragrances that also eliminate bad odor. In the bodyspray format, AX scientists duplicated the exclusive odor elimination technology, which acts on the root of the bad odor, boosting the fragrance and keeping the user smelling fresh all day.

The AX Fine Fragrance Collection It is available in 3 fragrances in the traditional bodyspray aerosol format. They are now available to buy online and in supermarkets, hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies and perfumeries.

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