2023 was the year in which Argentines traveled the most around the country on Airbnb

2023 was the year in which Argentines traveled the most around the country on Airbnb

2023 was a year of unprecedented exploration by Argentines on the platform Airbnb. In the country alone, nearly 400 destinations received travelers who made space reservations through the platform in domestic places that are beginning to attract everyone’s attention and in which, mainly, those outside urban areas stand out.

He domestic tourism It has already proven to be a great reactivator of the economy and an option with a positive and constant impact on local economies. In 2022 alone, the GDP contribution of Argentina’s travel and tourism sector grew by 39% compared to the previous year, representing 8% of the national economy.

In contrast, in 2023 about 10 new places received their first reservation through the platform Airbnba sign of the dispersion of tourism that the country is experiencing.


Airbnb It was born in 2007 when two hosts welcomed three guests into their San Francisco home and has since grown to more than 4 million hosts who have welcomed 1.4 billion guests in almost every country in the world.

These were the destinations most in demand by travelers in the year since they had their first guests:

In Argentina, a weekend trip to a nearby destination, in addition to being easier to plan, is much more economically accessible and allows families to continue discovering more and more cities and towns in the country. “Dispersed travel also boosts local jobs and immerses people in communities, unlike traditional travel, which tends to concentrate tourism, causing crowds, traffic jams and tensions between visitors and places. Airbnb is helping to alleviate that travel congestion on an ever-increasing scale.“, he indicated Carlos Olivosdirector of corporate communications at Airbnb for Latin America.

For example, some of the most booked domestic destinations in Argentina throughout 2023 were:

  • Iguazu

  • rosary beads

  • Silver sea

  • Jump

The most traveled city in Argentina

Argentines are increasingly encouraged to explore more of their country’s destinations and this amount of tourist dispersion made it possible to learn that the most “travelling” or “adventurous” city is the capital, Buenos Aires, whose travelers visited more places in the country than ever. . Here is a look at the local destinations that were chosen the most in 2023:

Domestic trips from the Argentine capital grew by more than 15% during 2023 and reached different corners of the country. The most booked destinations from Buenos Aires were:

  • Bariloche

  • Silver sea

  • Mendoza

  • Pinamar

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