The famous writer Paul Auster died at the age of 77

The famous writer Paul Auster died at the age of 77

In addition to writing some best-sellers, he stood out in the film industry as a screenwriter and director.

The American writer Paul Austerauthor of best-selling works such as “The New York Trilogy”, died this Tuesday at the 77 years bycomplications of lung cancer. The novelist’s death was confirmed by his literary representation agency, the Carol Mann Agency, without further details.

Since the cancer diagnosis in 2022, the writer’s health has become more fragile. The news of his death impacted the American literary and cultural community. Throughout his prolific career, He ventured into various literary genresincluding the novel, the essay, poetry and cinema.

Who was Paul Auster?

Paul Auster was a writer, screenwriter and film director American, known for his postmodern fiction novels and his unique narrative style that combines elements of existentialism, realism, and metafiction. His thirty books were translated into more than 40 languages.

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His works were a great contribution to American literature.

His works were a great contribution to American literature.

One of Auster’s most significant contributions to contemporary literature was his ability to explore universal themes such as identity, chance, loneliness and destiny through complex plots and deeply human characters. Her works often feature unreliable narrators, non-linear narrative structures, and deep reflection on the nature of reality and fiction.

Some of his best-known publications include “The New York Trilogy” (composed of “City of Glass”, “Ghosts” and “The Locked Room”), “The Book of Illusions”, “The Invention of Solitude”, “The Land of Last Things” and “Leviathan”, among others.

The Auster’s influence on contemporary literature extends beyond his own works, since He also translated works of French authors and collaborated on film projects. The French government appointed him Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in 1991. He was also a finalist for the Booker Prize and inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

His distinctive style and ability to challenge literary conventions cemented his place as one of the most important writers of his generation.

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