A historic program returns to the afternoons of El Trece to compete with Telefe

A historic program returns to the afternoons of El Trece to compete with Telefe

One of the most watched programs on the channel and on television will return renewed to the national small screen. Details below.

2024 is not a great year in terms of numbers for the Channel Thirteen. With the aim of overcoming the situation, the channel returns with a historic program after being off the grid for 4 years: Matter of weight.

For many years, Cuestión de Peso was a featured program on Argentine television, offering a unique proposal: a reality show that accompanies overweight people on their journey towards a healthier life. Beyond simply focusing on exercises and meal plans, the program has become a space for support, containment and personal change for its participants, while providing valuable information for the audience.

Although official confirmation is missing, the program would debut on Monday, May 6 with a team of already known professionals and with some new faces: Alberto Cormillot, Adrian Cormillot, April Cormillot, Stephanie Pasquini and Sergio Veron.

Who is going to be the host of Cuestión de Peso 2024

Another new face in the program is that of the driver. In famous past cycles recognized as Andrea Politti and Claribel Medina, Fabian Doman and Mariano Peluffo They were the drivers in the 14 seasons of the cycle. However, this year it is the turn of Mario Massaccesi.


The renowned host and journalist was chosen by the channel to give the program a new image. “I am happy because I think I can contribute something different. It has 10 seasons and 300 participants passed. In other words, there is a history with the program and we will see what part I can add. It’s like a puzzle where you add a piece,” Massaccesi said enthusiastically in an interview with Clarín.

According to the renowned entertainment journalist, Pía Shaw, Cuestión de Peso would be in the afternoons of Canal Trece, at an estimated time between 2:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., between the programs of Roberto Moldavsky and Matías Martin.

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