9 fires set: Suspected arsonist (33) arrested in Vorchdorf

9 fires set: Suspected arsonist (33) arrested in Vorchdorf
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On the night of April 24th, the outbuilding of a house in Vorchdorf burned down. Now the suspected arsonist has been arrested. According to the police, it is said to be the resident (33) himself.

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The fire department has already been deployed to the same building four times. This understandably made the emergency services suspicious.

According to the police, the suspected arsonist, the resident of the house himself, previously lived in the Linz-Land district. There have also been several fires at his old address.

Due to this striking accumulation, the State Criminal Police Office began investigations. Witnesses to past fires were interviewed. A fire expert was able to prove that the fire in April was most likely a case of arson. The Wels public prosecutor’s office was informed.

Suspect denies the allegations

The 33-year-old was arrested this Friday and taken to the Wels prison. A total of nine fires are said to have been set by him. The suspect denies the allegations against him.

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