People: ESC singer Isaak: I was never a stage pig

People: ESC singer Isaak: I was never a stage pig

Isaak Guderian is the German candidate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. He was never a “rampage pig” before. He has now gained a basic level of confidence in himself through many appearances.

Singer Isaak Guderian no longer feels as shy when performing as he used to. “I wasn’t a stage star, at the beginning I sang with my eyes closed, said thank you quietly and then quickly left the stage,” said the 29-year-old to the private broadcaster Hit Radio FFH in Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt.

Now he lives by the motto “Just do it!” He learned to use the adrenaline that intimidated him as a source of strength.

This year he will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. He is looking forward to the event: “Everything that comes now is a jackpot. It’s crazy what has happened so far,” he said. “I accept everything with open arms.” One part of his outfit for the ESC has already been decided: the socks. “These are the ones I wore at the preliminary round and that my son gave me,” he revealed.

Source: Stern

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