Verstappen: “My future is with Red Bull, but you never know what will happen”

Verstappen: “My future is with Red Bull, but you never know what will happen”

Reports in Germany have linked to Verstappen with a possible transfer to Mercedeswho is looking for a replacement for the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamiltonwho will join Ferrari at the end of the season.

The head of Mercedes, Toto Wolffdenied speculation about a meeting with Verstappen after the race Miami this weekend, while the Dutchman also dismissed the rumors by suggesting that he didn’t even 250 million euros (about $268 million) will tempt him away from Red Bull.

“My future is in Red Bull. Money is not going to be a differentiating factor for me when it comes to going somewhere, I am happy with what I am earning now”said Verstappen.

“At the moment I can say that I want to stay in the team because I believe in the project we have. But at the end of the day, in sport and in life, you never know what is going to happen in the future”he pointed out.

Despite a season of turmoil and scandal, the dominance of Red Bull has not decreased.

Internal divisions following employee’s accusations of inappropriate behavior against team leader Christian Hornerof which he was acquitted, have been a distraction as has the imminent departure of Newey. But on the track, Red Bull He has stayed focused.

“I think it’s always very important to stay calm and concentrate on work, at the end of the day we need to have the fastest car, that’s what I’ve always demanded. So basically everything goes on as before.”said Verstappen.

“Right now everyone is very focused on what we have to do. Winning helps a lot”he pointed out.

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